Unified solution for Human Resources management

Recruitment, selection, hiring, payroll management, and training tracking.


Unified solution for Human Resources management

At Sucasuc, we want to offer you an integrated platform for Human Resources management. With this platform, any HR department in your company can handle recruitment, selection, hiring, regular payroll management, training, and, if necessary, liquidation.
The platform is fully integrated within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP and also accessible through web applications and an app.
All maintenance for the ERP is supported by the cost of Microsoft licensing and includes the server.


We are the first company in the country to have certified our solution in Microsoft's App Source. Therefore, our program meets all of Microsoft's requirements and guarantees.
Sucasuc is located in Andorra and provides its services from the country.
You can view the publication through the following link: App Source Microsoft.

All integrated within your company's website. We will place a form on your page that is managed by the ERP for automatic publication of job openings. Currently, it is integrated with Latevafeina.com and we are working on integration with various global recruitment websites to ensure that your job offer has maximum exposure.
We have automation processes in place where interested individuals (candidates) fill out a form and attach their CV, which will go directly to the ERP without the need for email or paper for proper management.
Once the different CVs have been collected, based on the different job offers proposed, they can be processed by the corresponding department staff to carry out the required selection, autonomously establishing the selection phases and criteria that will govern the process.
Once the department has completed the selection process, they can automatically send the candidate's data to the hiring module, without email, without papers, to prepare the employment contract.
Once the selected candidates have been validated, in their respective cases, or if the company's needs are solely based on hiring, the employment contract will be prepared according to the model proposed by each company, in the different modalities permitted by Andorran regulations.
Once the company has its personnel, the different work shifts can be created and assigned to each worker as appropriate.
As a new feature, we have a worker portal with a role for the manager or managers, which allows them to validate the different work shifts, as well as manage permissions, absences, and leave requests from the workers, all automatically from the web application or the app.
Within your company, you surely have the talent you are looking for. That is why we have a training module to address two main issues:
Firstly, to identify within your company which people have the talent, skills or training to make internal promotion a fundamental value within your company.
Secondly, to keep track of regulated training required by regulations, as well as additional training that the company deems appropriate for its normal functioning.
  • Academic education
  • Complementary training
  • Job training
  • Skills
  • Professional skills
You, in collaboration with the person in charge of your area or directly, will be able to correctly monitor any incident, if applicable, that arises in the payroll preparation.
You will be able to calculate absences, leaves, permissions, worked hours, salary types, bonuses, and gratuities.
All of this will be taken into account in order to correctly prepare the payroll, according to the regulations established by the legislation.
The best way to optimize HR Management processes.
The application has the following functionalities: visualization and signing of payrolls, request for permits, time planning, role of manager, control of work time clocking.
Now you can do all the management with your employees without the need for paper.
Once you download our App, please follow these steps:
1 - Enter this code: prov3
2 - Enter username: prova
3 - Enter password: Prova2023_

This way you can take a look at our solution.

Our team has created a system for monitoring employee attendance that reads personalized QR codes and also stores the employee's check-in and check-out data at each establishment.
  • The employee will receive the payslip within their app or web portal and can sign the payslip directly from there.
  • A SEPA file will be generated for payment by bank transfer of the payslips and their automatic accounting will be included in the ERP.
  • We also have the generation of a CASS file, with the actual working hours for processing before this agency.
If the company decides to terminate the employment contract, or if the employee decides to leave, or if both parties agree on it, the termination and the corresponding settlement will be carried out in strict compliance with current regulations, including the preparation of a dismissal letter and notice period.
All the above mentioned processes are integrated into the same platform, making HR processes more efficient and greatly optimizing the work of the responsible departments.
Discover with Power BI the data analytics contained in our solution.
Visually, you can see the evolution of your business in regards to human resources in an easy and simple way from anywhere.
We provide an example of the possibilities we offer.

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Optimizamos y digitalizamos todos los procesos de RRHH, con nosotros desaparecen: mail, Excel, documentos, etc...
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Aplicativo web y App

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Todo está incluido en el mismo precio de licenciamiento por usuario Microsoft.

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