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At Sucasuc, we want to offer you an integrated solution for managing your company's finances, accounting, and taxation. With this solution, any financial department in your company can make purchases, sales, inventory management, accounting, tax reporting, human resources management, and much more.
The platform is fully integrated within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP and is also available on web applications and the app.
All ERP maintenance is supported by the cost of Microsoft licensing and includes the server.


We are the first company in the country to have certified our solution in Microsoft's App Source. Therefore, our program meets all of Microsoft's requirements and guarantees.
Sucasuc is located in Andorra and provides its services from the country.
You can view the publication through the following link: App Source Microsoft.

Adapt to the growth pace of your company

Optimize by using a comprehensive solution that can be executed wherever you need it, and that offers you the same user experience, while allowing you to quickly make deployments and integrations both in the cloud and on-premises.

Prepare to grow

Adapt your operations as you grow, using modern technologies that integrate into Microsoft's cloud, such as machine learning, which will help you adapt to the dynamics of the market.

Adapt the program to your needs

The possibility of making changes to the user interface without the need for programming.

Put the potential of Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft's cloud at the service of your company

Optimize by using a comprehensive solution that can be executed wherever you need it, and that offers you the same user experience, while allowing you to quickly make deployments and integrations both in the cloud and on-premises.


of companies use a mobile device to access work-related information while they are outside the office.


of growing companies feel that mobile technology has positively impacted the productivity of their business.


experienced an increase in productivity outside of the office due to cloud technology.

Take control of your financial data

Manage cash flow, bank reconciliations, fixed assets, budgets, and project costs better with an extension that allows you to predict payment delays.
Work with currencies, exchange rates, consolidations, intercompany transactions, and localized tax regulations.
Accelerate monthly and yearly closings by connecting data from general accounting, receivables, payables, and fixed assets.
Optimize approval workflows with Power Automate.
Use built-in reports, Excel, or Microsoft Power BI with unlimited data dimensions to monitor cash flow in real-time, identify financial patterns and trends, and improve planning.
Connect Power BI reports, charts, and data across accounting, sales, purchasing, and inventory teams to extract more accurate insights and information

Work in the most efficient and intelligent way

Automate workflows and processes
Connect company data with productivity tools to enhance the experience throughout the business process.
Provide higher quality service to your customers, as well as effective information management for your partners.
We have developed the localization of Andorra that contains all the tax elements necessary for the management of a company in the country.
Account schemes, DUA, balances, tax filing, everything you need for the proper functioning of your company.
We have all the integrated processes, purchases, sales, customers, suppliers, bank reconciliation, issuance of transfers and receipts (ABA and SEPA), etc.
The most complete multi-company and multi-exercise general accounting program, which will help you have the most complete information on the economic status of your company at a single glance, all with a dynamic and functional administration panel with the aim of giving you greater control of your business.
In collaboration with the person in charge of your area, or directly, you will be able to correctly follow up on any incident, if any, derived from the preparation of the payroll.
You will be able to calculate lowering, absences, permits, hours worked, types of salary, bonuses, gratuities.
All of this will be taken into account in order to correctly carry out the payroll, based on the prescriptions established by law.
The best way to optimize HR Management processes.
The application has the following functionalities: visualization and signing of payrolls, request for permits, time planning, role of manager, control of work time clocking.
Now you can do all the management with your employees without the need for paper.
Once you download our App, please follow these steps:
1 - Enter this code: prov3
2 - Enter username: prova
3 - Enter password: Prova2023_

This way you can take a look at our solution.

Discover with Power BI the data analytics contained in our solution.
Visually, you can see the evolution of your business in regards to human resources in an easy and simple way from anywhere.
We provide an example of the possibilities we offer.
  • CRM: It includes multiple functionalities so that the relationship between users and your company is stable and lasting. Its benefits are focused on three main areas: sales administration, marketing and customer service.
  • Project Management: Register and sell resources, monitor their use, keep a record of the work done to bill the client...
  • Inventory: Management of purchase and sales orders, locations, item transfers, basic storage...
  • E-commerce: We can integrate your online store managing it directly from the ERP.
  • Power BI: Native integration for reporting and analytics through Power BI.

Discover the advantages of this service

### Optimización


Optimizamos y digitalizamos todos los procesos de RRHH, con nosotros desaparecen: mail, Excel, documentos, etc...
### Aplicativo web y App

Aplicativo web y App

Integrado en nuestra plataforma para que la comunicación sea inmediata.
### Oferta


Todo está incluido en el mismo precio de licenciamiento por usuario Microsoft.

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