Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Localizado de Andorra

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Why SucaSuc?
What makes the difference now for Andorra?

The new solutions based on Cloud, offer to any business an integrated, optimized and end-to-end vision of their organization.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Localized of Andorra connects, for the first time in the country, all of the business processes with a single unified solution. Thereby, data can be shared fastly and easily within the key members of the company. You will therefore have access to the most recent and accurate data so that you can make informed decisions.

  • The solution enables all the systems implemented by a company to interconnect, update real-time and be immediately available for analysis.
  • Finance, sales, customer service, operations: all areas of a company working in an integrated, automated way, capable of responding to each other and working together in an ecosystem.
  • The management solutions based on Cloud, such as Dynamics 365 Business Central Localized of Andorra, complemented with Human Resources, CRM and the capabilities of Power Platform, offer an easy and continuous 360º overview of the company.
  • With all your data centralized in one place and integrated analysis, decision-makers can make more informed decisions which increase productivity and efficiency, bring remote employees closer together, and provide fast, agile, and personalized customer service.

Discover the advantages of this service

### Everything integrated

Everything integrated

All your needs in a single solution and availables in Cloud from everywhere.
### Server included

Server included

Forget about back-ups and maintenance. It’s all included in the licensing cost.
### Accessibility


By having the platform in Cloud, you can access it from anywhere 24/365.

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